Welcome to Pioneer Finishes 

Using an environmentally friendly Vaqua high volume low pressure process, also commonly known as Hydro blasting, Aqua blasting or Vapour blasting, we specialise in

  • Surface finish of parts 

  • Restoration of alloy and composite metal components

  • Refurbishment of machined and fabricated components

Pioneer Finishes customers range across the automotive, aviation, industrial and marine industries.

  • Competitively priced $100 p/hr (plus GST) No minimum charge on Wet bead/Hydro blasting services.

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Pioneer Finishes enhance the appearance, durability and performance of metals and composite materials.

Wet bead blasting is a versatile and highly effective process that can cut costs and time to your industry or restoration project, providing you with outstanding better than NEW results for you and your customers.

We take pride in the work we do and treat your parts as if they're our own. We welcome small or large batch sizes.


Customised services and advice

Why Use Pioneer Finishes?

Client satisfaction is our biggest priority.

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The Wet Bead Process

Wet bead blasting cleans by flow of water not by impact.

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Motorcycle Parts Restoration

Vintage MX, Modern and Road Bikes

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Cerakote - Polymer-Ceramic coating

Better resistance to abrasion, corrosion and chemicals.

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