HYDRO-BLASTING / wet bead blasting

GET RID OF years of grime, dirt and oxidisation

Pioneer Finishes can gently clean away all the years of grime, dirt and oxidisation from the components surface, without the damage, dimensional change or erosion the way aggressive sand blasting does.

Water creates a lubricating cushion for our soda-lime glass beads, protecting both the media and component from excessive wear or breakdown.  The high quality beads are selected for their hardness and spherical characteristics which allows for a variety of applications.

The wet bead blasting process cleans by flow of water not by impact, which differentiates it from sand blasting. This non-abrasive process ensures critical measurements are maintained. There is no embedded contamination from the media, and there is no static cling of dust to the blasted surface.

The wet bead blasting produces a satin polished finish to the component making it easy to clean and handle and unlike dry blasting the surface is resistant to oil, grease and finger print stains.

And it's suitable for ferrous and non ferrous metals including

  • Aluminium
  • Magnesium
  • Titanium
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Cast Iron and
  • Stainless Steel

A non-hazardous environmentally friendly rust inhibitor is applied during the blasting process and effectively prevents rusting and flash rusting of ferrous metals which can occur after blasting.